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Windows Workflow Receive Activity–Parameter Behaviour

I recently had an experience where I had created a workflow service that was invoked using a channel factory and accepts 2 String arguments. However, after some base component refactoring, and porting the old workflow use the new components, the invocation failed with incorrect numbers of parameters.

I came across Ron Jacob’s post on making WF Services work like WCF and did a small spike project based on this blog post :http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rjacobs/archive/2010/07/30/making-a-workflowservice-work-like-a-wcf-service.aspx


Definition image
WCF Test Client Proxy image
XML Message image


The corresponding WF Service was created, and I updated the Receive configuration to use parameters, but the behaviour did not yet match that of the WCF method.

  Workflow Service
Definition image
Receive Configuration image


Apparently, the Send Parameters also has to be configured so that the behaviour is consistent.

  WF / Non-WCF behaviour WF / WCF behaviour
Send Configuration image image
WCF Test Client Proxy image image
XML Message image


With this change on my workflow, my channel factory invocation now works again!