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金鸡湖东岸 Walk

Today was a cold and wet day in Suzhou, and I spent a good half of the day shopping for warm gear to make my walkabouts more comfortable:

  • a pair of waterproof hiking shoes (Quechua Forclaz 600),
  • a hiking jacket (Quechua Forclaz 900),
  • warm innerwear
  • inner gloves
  • convertible mittens

After lunch, I took a short bus ride out to the other side of the lake, then started walking in the rain.  Here are some shots from my approx 7.5 km walk, RAW processed through Bibble 5 (finally figured it out):

A sculpture at the start of the walk, with the sky clearing a bit to give these dramatic pictures against the dark rainclouds.

CZH_1760  CZH_1766CZH_1764 


One of the many little lakes / ponds in the numerous parks that line 金鸡湖.



Looking across 金鸡湖, with dredgers cleaning up the lake, and me with my new jacket.


The large 久观 shopping mall, with glitzy lights and branded goods, but eerily lacking the shoppers.

CZH_1800  CZH_1808 CZH_1818_v3     

And oh, a map plotting my route along the lake



拉面 and 苏州金鸡湖夜景

After work today, I went for dinner with Ai Guo, and we had 拉面in a little shop not too far from our hotel.  It cost 5 RMB, but had only a couple of slices of beef, but rather tasty soup.

We decided to go take a walk at 金鸡湖 to take in the night scenery since the weather was rather good, though a bit foggy.  Here’s a view across the smaller half of the lake lined with restaurants and karaoke bars.


Maybe I’ll come catch sunrise here if I can wake up tomorrow, and it’s not too cold.

A little of 苏州 in IR

I arrived in Suzhou today after a 4+ hour flight & 2 hours road trip, and though was feeling rather drained, I headed out for a short walk with my camera after checking in to my hotel.

Here are some shots from the D70i.

DSC_8018-Editscaled DSC_8024-Edit DSC_8032-EditDSC_8046-Edit

Still trying to get the hang of processing RAW IR files, but I hope you like this quick series.