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Sumptuous Dinner

It’s been a while since I blogged about food. 

I watched Jamie Oliver featured in Master Chef Australia over the weekend, and wanted to try some of the stuff he showcased, such as using herbs and spices to make simple dishes pop.

Came home from work, and was starving, and needed to eat real quick, and buzz around in the kitchen for about 10 mins to prepare a wonderful dinner!


1. Heat pan, prepare minced meat, throw into pan to stir fry.

2. Pop steak to defrost for 1 min.

3.Wash  and cut broccoli, mushrooms. 

4. Get steak out.

5. Put broccoli in bowl, put about 1 cm of water and 3 mins high in microwave. Plan to add mushrooms to mix and another 2 mins.

6. Heat pan.

7. Get steak , season with salt and pepper, fats, and washed rosemary.

8. Add tomato paste to minced meat, stirring occasionally

9. Throw steak into pan. Cover.

10. Wash thyme, add chopped garlic, olive oil, pound for flavour.

11. Drain vegs, put on plate.

12. Heat up cold Linguine (I’ve already prepared the Linguine early this morning)

13. Turn steak, cover.

14. Put Linguine on plate, pour tomato/minced meat over.

15. Decorate with lemon.

16. Take steak off pan onto plate.

17. Drain flavoured olive oil over meat and vegetables, and crushed thyme/garlic onto steak.

18. Pop over a bottle of Crown Lager.

19. Enjoy Dinner! Bon Appétit!