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TF30063: You are not authorized…!

But first, some background.  My connection to TFS is via HTTPS, using an internal CA signed SSL Cert.


HTTP works fine(using FQDN), but with custom domain names and HTTPS, sometimes it works, sometime it doesn’t.

When I connect to the HTTPS url via IE, the connection works, but no lock ICON appears.  If I repeat the same action inside the VS2013 browser (Ctrl-W, W), a revocation failure dialog sometimes pop up.  Regardless of selection, the authentication still fails.


I’ve tried the clear cookie method suggested, disabling cert revocation checks on the server (via netsh) and locally (via gpedit), or at least I think I did, but no luck yet.

This is irritating… Gah!

[Edit] Checked permissions as described here but still no go …

[Edit] Checked that server had a 3+ min delay compared to client, fixed that, cleared cache etc, but still no go…

[Edit] Seems to be no correlation between IE having a lock sign, and the revocation message inside VS browser.