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Running Final Fantasy XIV remotely from a browser window!

With the release of the Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview, I’ve been spending a fair bit of time just messing around with it, as well as getting myself up to date with some of the Microsoft technologies.

Today, I’ve tried installing Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV for short), to test if Win8 breaks anything.  It’s a (still currently free) MMORPG that I occasionally log on to just waste some time.  Other than the blacking out of the updater window, the game installed and ran ok, so no major issues with Win8 there.

I’ve also just installed Microsoft Live Mesh (as part of Windows Live Services), and was interested to try it out, and I thought: Can I remotely connect back to my computer and play a Direct X game?

With that crazy thought, I enabled Remote Desktop in Mesh, borrowed a low end netbook, and logged on to Live.  I tried connecting to the my computer and was pleased that the screen came up.  I started FFXIV, and the game started loading with the SquareEnix logo, before turning black.  Clicking on a windows explorer, showed that the dx surface was lost.

I tracked down a windower application (an application that paints Direct X buffers onto normal window surfaces) and launched the game again.  This time, the game loaded properly, and the Login screen becomes visible!


After login, I can even interact with the game using the mouse (ok… keyboard did not work, maybe I should try it in full screen).


However, gameplay is very slow, so one cannot expect to be trying to do time sensitive stuff. I’m probably getting 2 fps or something, and it’s due to usage of the virtual graphics driver by Mesh.

Login back to my actual computer also caused the system to switch off the virtual graphics driver and use the actual graphics hardware instead, and thus crashed the game.

So there! A quick recap on what is needed:

1. Windows Vista / 7 / 8

2. Mesh Services

3. Direct X Windower

4. Lots of patience.

Maybe someone can try this for Maple Story and let us know what happens…

This is a totally random blog post that probably stems from the lack of sleep… Good night~!