Programming Language Ranking

RedMonk’s “Programming Language Rankings: June 2015” gives some very interesting insights.


Our usual staples of Javascript, Java and C# still top the charts at #1, #2, #5 respectively, while PHP, Python and Ruby sit at #3, #4, #6, and O’Grady believes that the Top 10 languages are unlikely to change as “each represents a significant population of developers…used in a variety of contexts…[and] areas of individual strength.

Go, a language developed out of Google, is a traditional language like C, but written for the cloud with concurrency and GC built in.  It powers the likes of Cloud Foundry (portions are being rewritten from Ruby) and Docker, and currently sits at #15 on the chart.

Swift (#18), developed by Apple, has also seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past 1 year, as it is seen as the successor to Objective C.  Apple also announced that it will be open sourcing Swift later this year.  Depending on how the licencing goes, a possibility of making it available on Linux could create a market opportunity outside Apple’s own system

RedMonk’s research is based on tags on GitHub and Stack overflow.  I sought a different perspective from Google Trends, by putting in Go and Swift for comparison, and Ruby as a reference.


What’s your interpretation? 🙂 Is Ruby going down?  Will Swift leapfrog over Go?


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