Non-Domain TFS Build Server with Domain TFS

With some spare time on hand, I wanted to explore if there we were to mix domain-joined build servers with non domain-joined ones, since this could open up a couple of interesting possibilities.

1. Ensure that the target TFS server is reachable, so that we can put proxy and firewall issues aside.

2. Install TFS, but select to only configure Team Foundation Build ServiceTFSBuildServiceOnly

2. Define the TFS Server, then select the Team Project Collection


3. Enter the credentials that your build service will run as.  Ensure that the necessary permissions have been granted, otherwise you’ll get a TF254021 surprise.


4. Continue with the installation, and you’re done!


5. So now you have a non-domain build service (with 2 agents) connected to a domain-joined TFS and Build Controller.





#To set the permissions, make sure that your TFS target is not a Domain Controller.  Create a local account (e.g. remotebuild) on TFS, your build controller and your Non-Domain Build Server. Make sure they have the same password. I also added the account to the Project Collection Build Service.

# Make sure that communication on port 9191 from Build Controller to your Build Agent is enabled.


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