HTC Legend gets FROYO OTA Update in Singapore!

Froyo has gone OTA for HTC Legend users in Singapore.  Make sure you have a full charge of battery / plugged in for power before you go Menu > Settings > About Phone > Check Update.

Update takes about 20 mins in total, so hang in there~!


   After the patch has been downloaded, the system restarts and begins the installation of the update, takes about 10 mins.


Yay! Installed, but, we’re only halfway there, as HTC still has to update all their Sense UI on the stock Froyo.  Patience!










Updates … then Opps. Something Died.  Force closed without incident and installation continues. Another 5~10 mins of waiting.


Yay, we’re online.  Settings are retained.










A quick check on the settings… yep, Froyo updated successfully on HTC Legend.  Now you guys can become a WIFI hotspot too! (Menu > Wireless Network).

However, a check at the Android Market Place still does not list “Adobe Flash Player 10.1”, so you guys have to wait a bit more for Google / HTC to update some settings.

Have fun and share what you like about Froyo!  I’m twiddling my thumbs for Gingerbread on N1 in the next few days.


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