Froyo 2.2 FRF72 Up and running

Got news from Engadget that there’s a new leaked build of Froyo that is going OTA this week, but was fairly busy over the weekend, and only managed to grab the update before work.

Setup instructions as per previously, and FRF50 to FRF72 file can be downloaded from google at

Start up animation seems smoother, but takes a bit longer, and checking the install version after reboot showed that it was loaded successfully.


Everything else seems working pretty well, a little snappier here and there. 

Love my Nexus.

#Tip 1: Swype Beta failed to work after the update, but a reinstallation of it got it back.

#Tip 2:: The update screws up the FROYO Wi-Fi Hotspot WPA password, by putting the original password in quotes (“BLAH” instead of BLAH).  Fix that and you’re good to go.


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