Modding the Acer Easystore H340 Part 01

[Note] This is a rehash of my original post due to Microsoft Live Writer screwing up and overwriting the original post.

In my opinion, the H340 runs much too hot, and I’m gonna try to fix that, the steps below will do the following:

1. Swapping in a 2GB RAM (if you want to upgrade from the stock 1GB)

2. Change the airflow direction of the 120mm intake fan.

Power down the H340 and open it up by removing the 3 screws on the back of the appliance.dsc_0774_v01

Remove the casing by first sliding it towards you then lifting it. If you intend to swap the RAM, now’s the time to do so.

Note that it is not necessary to disassemble the H340 further, and it seems safe to swap in a 2GB.  I’m not sure how the 4GB RAM fares for this board.

Turn your attention to the 120mm fan attached to the HDD frame.

By default, the fan functions as an exhaust fan, drawing the hot air from the case and blowing it out towards the side. I decided to change the direction of the fan to draw cooler air into the system.

First, disconnect the fan from the motherboard (you can skip this step, but it does make life easier). Remove the 4 screws holding the fan frame (circled in red) to the HDD frame .dsc_0776_v1

Next, using a long screw driver, release the 4 rubber plugs holding the fan frame to the fan chassis.

Flip the fan around and rotate it to ensure that the fan can still connect to the mother board, then plug it back to the fan frame.

Screw the fan frame back to the HDD frame.

You can choose to align the fan lower to blow across the CPU / RAM if you want.

When completed, the H340 fan should look something like the picture above.

Close up the H340, and power it up.

My H340 showed a 5 degrees drop in HDD operating temperature with this quick mod.

I’ll follow up again with my next attempt to further cool the H340.

[Edit] I somehow seem to have screwed the earlier post with this posting. 

Part 02

This is a long overdue post, as the picture and drafts been sitting on my drive like forever.  I know quite some people wanna know what I’ve done to my Acer Easystore to cool it down further after my first part.

I managed to find a 90mm system fan and some washers in my box of miscellaneous odds and ends one day, and figured that they might be able to fit in that little area between the HDD rack and the CPU cooling fins. 

Do note, the fans are of the 3 /4 pin type that connect to the motherboard and anything under 90mm should work.  If you have the molex type fans, there’s probably some need to do surgery on the connector end to have it working.

Take apart the Acer as per the my earlier post.  The washers keep the fan mounted to the bottom of the HDD rack.  Depending on the height of your screw heads, you may lose the use of the lowest HDD drive.  Alternatively, there’s always cable ties that can be used instead to secure them.

 dsc_0777_v1 DSC_0778

Note the clearance from the fan.  The idea is to pull in fresh air from the front of the box, thru the HDD (cooling them a little), then force it down over the CPU and RAM, before being drawn out by the revered 120 mm fan.

dsc_0780_v1 DSC_0781 image

Once you have the mounting done on the fan, check out the connector.  They usually has 2 extra stub keys at the end to ensure that it is connected properly onto the motherboard.  If you are using a 3 pin one like me, you’ll find that it does not fit the 4 pins socket beside the power connector.  (Image modified from

Solve this problem using a penknife to shave off the 2 plastic bits and you are set.  Additional information can be found at Link.

Double check that no wire are at risk before powering up the server.  Check out the console for the cooler temperatures.  Do post your improvements and any other ideas you have!

Evaluation: Adding a fan, especially a high CFM one does raise the operating noise of the H340 as a whole (just think 6 year old CPU fan whine), but I can live with it.


7 responses to “Modding the Acer Easystore H340 Part 01

  1. Thanks for posting this. Was looking for some instructions with pics on how to reverse the fan.

  2. What was the temp of your CPU & System prior to mod?

    • If i recall, the CPU and System were at about 65 Degree C and 55 Degree C prior to fan. Just too high for my liking.

      Anyway it’s been some time, i should really get the posting the CPU fan add in steps . . .

  3. Thanks for the info. I’ve reversed my system fan like here which only brought it from avg 71 to avg 68, so 3 degrees. but after more research I found another site that suggested to disconnect the blue PWD wire which so far as also helped the cause. from avg 71 to avg 51c on cpu, and avg 45c to avg 36c under load on the hard drives.

  4. Perfect, thanks for the work, it helped a lot. I made the changes after a rather new drive failed, most likely due to too high temp.
    Same result here, after the change 51 C CPU and 37 C system. That will help to keep my WHS v1 alive for a while.

  5. Have 2gb in this. Can it take 4gb as mentioned above?

    Running a vm on it and would appreciate a bit more memory. The documentation states max of 2gb.

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