Fun @ Great Ocean Road

I managed to pull myself out of bed at an unearthly 5.45am to get ready and went over to Vivian’s to help bring some of her stuff down to the car, where Alvin an Vanessa was already waiting.  Vanessa had prepared a breakfast of yummy muffins for us, which we gladly woofed down before Sam came down.  He gave some excuse about setting an incorrect time on his alarm or something, but no one really cared, and we set off for Great Ocean Road.


With the sky so blue, and the sun so scotching, we covered ourselves generously with sunscreen when we stopped over for a MacDonald breakfast at Geelong. 


Next stop, the information centre at Lorne (the “i”, as Alvin calls it) provided the maps, traffic and weather info for travellers making their way to GOR. We grabbed some maps and went on our way.


The view of the coast line was fantastic, and the clear blue waters look really inviting on a very hot morning.  Vivian, being the ‘model’ for the day, also quickly got to work.

 DSC_7400  DSC_7439

Of course, what’s GOR without “Louie”, which irritatingly swarmed around us everywhere we went.  My gosh, they were IRRITATING!!!! Grrrrr!


Lunch was a simple affair of fish and chips, followed by a short picnic having honeydew and cherries, a refreshing welcome as the sun burned fiercely overhead.

We drove on, and came across a head of cattle.  Here’s Vanessa and Sam intelligently staying in the shade of the car while Alvin went after the cows.  I, however, decided that Alvin was a better subject.

 DSC_7480 DSC_7479

We decided to pass up on the $22 entrance fee to one of the more famous walks (can’t remember the name though), and decided to head towards Triplet Falls instead. Managed to get a couple of nice macro shots just reversing my lens so I’m not complaining. 

DSC_7497 DSC_7498

I love my 50mm.

The trek up to Triplet Falls was fairly easy, but we were disappointed that we were not able to be closer to the falls.

DSC_7570DSC_7514DSC_7526 DSC_7515

The shade of the trees provided some welcomed relive from the heat, and we even had a chance to have a small picnic (yes, again) of crackers, chips and whatnots.  Of course, the shade also provide better light for some more abstract photo opportunities.

DSC_7590 DSC_7598

We decided that we have spent too long at Triplet Falls, and headed towards our next stop, the Twelve Apostles. 

The scenery along the way was nothing less than breathtaking, and the wind, bone chilling… brrr.


We arrived at the Twelve Apostles a little after 6pm, but Alvin, Sam and I struggled to produce any decent photos as the light was much too harsh.  Nonetheless, I managed to get some interesting portraits.

DSC_7775  DSC_7641

Vivian and Vanessa however, were having fun with their picnics again.DSC_7772

We moved on, searching for a better spot to catch the sunset, and getting some really dramatic shots along the way.


As the sun began to set, I started on a series of silhouettes.

DSC_7854 DSC_7874DSC_7973_4_5_6_7_8

Sunset, finally! While the sunset was spectacular, it was really really cold on the cliff, and we were frozen stiff!

After some food and water back at the car, we decided to go down to a little cove we spotted earlier.  I convinced Vivian to do some of her yoga poses and I think they turned out really well.

DSC_7987DSC_7995 DSC_7992 DSC_8010

The last shot was a long exposure of the surrounding cliffs before my battery went out on me, and it was time to head back to civilization, and by the time we got back to 620 Collins Street, it was almost 1am. . .


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