Sunset @ Docklands

Both Sam and I went for a wDSC_7236alk around 620 Collins Street after work, intending to do some shopping before catching some shots of the sunset. 

Sam was looking for some warm clothes in preparation for his trip back to wintery China, but the prices we saw were over his budget.  I, as usual, got totally tired just walking through the malls.  Had more fun grabbing a quick  shot of a young couple  having a lovely hug on the sidewalk, than staring at sale banners. . .

After the failed shopping attempt, we headed towards Docklands, where the sun was beginning to set, filling the sky with a beautiful pink glow.


It was rather quiet in by the pier with only the whistling of the wind and the call of the seagulls, and was a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

A number of artistic sculptures lined the route we took, of which 2 that I found rather interesting; a cow in a tree, and an egg in the sky. . .

DSC_7270 DSC_7295

We made our way towards the river, where the Casinos were.  Being a Friday evening, there were many people enjoying themselves after a week of work, as music and the aroma of freshly cooked food filled the air.


By the time we rounded back to our home, it was already close to 10pm and our stomachs were growling rather loudly.  Food time and it’s the weekend!!!

Edit: Alvin came by around 11:30pm to say that we are setting off for Great Ocean Road at 6am tomorrow!


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