Pizza @ Boathouse, Desert @ Koko Black

Dinner was arranged to be at Boathouse, which serves Italian fare, and rumoured to have the best Pizza in town.   As Alvin, E-Fang, Vivian, Sam and myself bundled into the car, and trusted our lives (dinner actually) to the direction finding abilities of Garmin and Tom Tom, every one was rather chirpy.

Placing our orders for some pizza, beer and calamari, I went out to take some photos, with Vivian modelling for me.



Dinner was served by the time we got, the pizzas were already served.  ADSC_7145lvin requested for some Tabasco Sauce, but got offered cut chillies in olive  oil. 

Nonetheless, the chillies were sufficiently spicy and went really well with the pizzas, but still, the notion of pizza and chilli does still seem queer.

The pizzas here tasted really good, especially the thin, light crust and generous portions of toppings.  The greens on the pizzas were very refreshing too.

The calamari wasn’t the usual batter fried ones, and tasted fantastic.  I’m glad for putting in the vote to support Vivian’s bid to place that order.



After we headed for desert at Koko Black at Lygon Street.


The deserts were amazing, not only to look at, but taste great as well!

DSC_7176 DSC_7183 DSC_7177


My Italian Tiramisu!  Yummy!


One response to “Pizza @ Boathouse, Desert @ Koko Black

  1. Yum yum!!! =)
    Glad u’re having fun there, in the midst of the heavy work load. Take care my dear…
    Btw, nice flare photo. =)

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