Sunset @ St Kilda Beach

Finished work a little late today, and set off for home with Sam, Alvin and YC around 8pm.  As usual, I had my camera with me a grabbed a couple of shots as the light was fantastic.



Jokingly, Alvin suggested that we head to St Kilda to enjoy the sunset, and maybe snap a couple of shots, and was surprised when both Sam and myself were agreeable to that idea.

A quick change of clothes and grabbing the cameras upon getting home, we were on a tram headed for St Kilda beach.


The sun was beginning to set by the time wDSC_6999e got to St Kilda.  Light was changing fast, but i got a nice flared shot almost immediately.

When questioned on what filters I’ve used for such beautiful flares, the answer drew dirty stares from my companions: I didn’t, it’s just that my lens was dusty/dirty enough. 🙂

We set of towards the beach, giving little tips to Sam who was just starting out on his new SLR, a Canon though…


DSC_7015 Walking on the pier, we noticed a guy perched on the breakwater with his gear, braving the winds, waves and spray.  Makes me wonder how long his camera, lens and tripod would last after his shoot.  I had fun taking photos of him anyway.


Apparently St Kilda Breakwater is a hang out for some penguins at dusk, and lots of people crowded at a viewing platform to catch a glimpse of these birds.  Some shriek with joy when they spotted a couple of them in the dark waters.  I only saw a huge rat running past Alvin the whole time… Lucky me.

Nonetheless, the wonderful sunset at St Kilda, wide lens and 30 sec exposures gave some truly wonderful pictures.





Which do you like?


One response to “Sunset @ St Kilda Beach

  1. I like the 1st n 3rd ones. In fact, all are very nice. =)

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