Modding the Acer Easystore H340 Part 00

I recently messed with WHS downloaded from Technet a bit, liked what I saw, but decided to get something that will sit a little prettier in the study room, while being functional.  Of course, the eye candy always makes it easier to justify a purchase 🙂

Monitoring the H340 as it went about “rebalancing the disks” and “indexing the drives” had me concerned:

1. The ATOM runs very hot, hovering around 70 ~ 72 degrees C

2. The various HDD reported operating temperatures around 55 degrees C

3. Memory usage was hovering around the 90+% region


Some other issues that I wish to address, perhaps some point in time

1. Periodic CPU loading (cyclic spikes) visible at task manager


This series will detail some hacks/mods during my exploration to make my WHS run better (or so I think), but to begin, you may require some (if not all) of the following:

1. The H340 servicing manual, that can be downloaded from the article at We Got Served, proved very useful in taking the appliance apart.

2. Luck


One response to “Modding the Acer Easystore H340 Part 00

  1. How far did you get? I think the processor is soldered to the board, and that the memory is maxed out at 2G due to chipset restrictions.

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