Liberty Tower – 620 Collins Street, Melbourne

I flew overnight to Melbourne on a Singapore Airlines A380, and overall the flight was rather enjoyable.  To start off, it’s been ages since I flew on SQ, and it does bring back fond memories . . . 

Check In and Boarding were the usual boring stuff, but not as inconveniently irritating as flights to USA have become. My seat was located slightly aft of the left wing (my favourite seat, but more on that later), and for a while i was just exploring the In Flight entertainment system while the other passengers settled down.

IMAG0067 IMAG0066

In the first photo, that probably a 12 – 13 inch screen with rather vibrant colors (pardon the crap photos, taken with a 2 yr old HTC touch), a AV in jack, a USB port, and an RJ45 jack.  Does anyone know does plugging in a Cat 5 cable give you internet access at 45,000 ft?  For all the fancy stuff, my earphone jack did not work, #$%@, not that it really mattered, cos I felt like reading my new book anyway, and had my ipod for company.

Dinner was a happy affair, with the cheerful and ever so polite Air Crew buzzing IMAG0069around serving food and topping up drinks.  I started on some peanuts, washed down by beer, then some fish thing (not fantastic…) paired with a Chardonnay (it’s been ages since I drank a white!), and topped up with a MAGNUM (yes, an ice cream!) and finished with a Riesling.

After dinner, I read a little, then drifted in and out of sleep for some time, then decided to stay up for sunrise, as the sky was beginning to glow at the horizon, signaling the start of the end of the flight.


The ailerons,  flaps and what nots can now be clearly seen, and they are huge.  For the large plane that it is, the A380 seem pretty nimble, and pulled some tight turns lining up for landing.  I watched fascinated as the the mechanics and aerodynamics worked their magic to a very smooth touchdown. 

Weather on the ground reminded me of San Francisco, sunny but chilly (from the wind), but many are cautioning that there will be a heat wave sometime soon before the weather cools for the autumn.

====== WORK STUFF ======

I got the keys to my apartment, and really liked the place.  Being on a high floor, it was breezy and cooling without the need for air conditioning / heating (Never really liked/used those even in the Singapore/San Francisco weather).  Here’s some photos before I messed it all up.

 DSC_6938 DSC_6942

The kitchen and living/dining room.

DSC_6941 DSC_6947

The 2 bedrooms.


A stitched panorama of the view from the balcony (east south west).


View down Collins Street, I really like the way the flare developed.

By then, it was already past 8pm, and I made dinner. The rice turned out a little hard, (and I blame the microwave oven!), and I think it turned out well considering I did not have oil, salt, pepper or any seasoning.  And that gravy you see on the rice to make it more palatable? Just a splash of milk to to absorb the veg and meat juices.

DSC_6959 DSC_6963

The sun was setting quickly in the sky by the time dinner was ready, and i managed to alternate between squeezing some shots of the setting sun, and a bit of dinner.


Nightfall at Liberty Tower – 620 Collins Street, Melbourne. Good Night!



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